Develop the strength and effectiveness of your action!

A new training-guidance program for mature leaders developing a synergy between awareness, performance and results.
A 9-month period of inter-company sessions.

Necessary adaptation:

  • How to find or rediscover one’s anchoring in periods of turbulence?
  • How to define or redefine clear directions to follow in order to support one’s action?
  • How to develop one’s action to give more sense and want, humanity and efficiency?


Three Driving Forces:

  • Enlightening how anchoring contributes to one’s presence and powers its action as a manager/leader/HR. The experience of anchoring: its contributions in terms of decision making, management and communication.
  • Understanding how the three individual doorways (thinking, emotions, body) allow to develop the fluidity of the best suited role for oneself and the most efficient one for the company, the team and the clients (outside as well as inside).
  • To deepen the consciousness of one’s singularity in order to generate a joyous and enlightened action. By relying on trust and cooperation, maturity and alignment, creativity and ambition, diversity and inclusion.



  • Starting with an individual diagnostic on the personal anchoring style of each of the participants.
  • Alternating personal interviews (9h) and training in collective coaching mode (24h).
  • Alternating theoretical perspectives about leadership’s ‘’building blocks’’ and anchoring, individual thinking, sharing, feedback, execution and experimentation in order to develop personal action plans.
  • Deployment of the program over a 9-month period in order to facilitate the integration of a transformation impacting directly a client’s internal operations.



  • Inter-company sessions in order to enrich the sharing of experiences, develop representations and to boost the dynamics of the learning process.
  • Limited to 8 participants, at Corporate Coaching & Conseil Offices.