Leader today, Manager tomorrow!

An innovative training and guidance program addressing a wide range of pertinent subjects facing tomorrow’s business leaders.
Available as an inter-company program over a 9-month period.

Three Driving Forces:

  • To think about the different forms of Management and Leadership in order to become aware of one’s own representation.
  • Achieve: greater self-awareness, managerial capacities and specificity as a leader.
  • Analyze one’s desire and motivation to become a manager of tomorrow.



  • Alternating personal interviews (9h) and training in collective coaching mode (24h).
  • Combining theoretical perspectives, individual thinking, sharing, feedback and implementation into personal action plans.
  • Stretching over a 9-month time period in order to help integrate daily experimentation and internal transformation.



  • Inter-company sessions to share and enrich experiences and large variety of representations.
  • Limited to 8 participants at Corporate Coaching & Conseil Offices.