Laurence Turnbull

Elizabeth Perrot
Kristin Sax-Jansen
Team Commitment and Coaching Partner

Team Commitment and Coaching Partner since 2016, Laurence guides business women and men in a context of changes. As a consultant, she offers organizational plans, growth leverages and the modification of managing practices.

As a coach, Laurence stands close to the teams and the managers in order to mobilize and stimulate them, because she firmly believes that their missions’ successes lies in their individual differences, their collective intelligence and their daily comfort.

An HEC graduate (1985) and trained as a coach, Laurence successfully lead business projects at Cabinet Brossard Consultants before joining the SFR Group for Operational Management and later in Human Resources

During her professional experiences, Laurence has always prioritized the force of personhood and of collective talents to support the management and the expertise of a project. On those bases, Laurence created, in 2016, her own company: Cap Phoenix.