Elizabeth Perrot

Janik Blouin
Laurence Turnbull

Training and Coaching Partner at Corporate Coaching & Conseil since 2016, Elizabeth has developed a systemic pedagogy on human relationship. Seeing the quality and sustainability of the professional relationships as choreography and oxygen capital to business performances, she pairs the academic knowledge transfer with the personal and behavioral development of her learners.

A large part of Elizabeth career was centered on famous luxury brands (Hermès, Cartier, Paris Department Stores) before she started SCAN, her own Training Company, which rapidly gained recognition for the efficiency of its sales, customer reception and client’s experience courses in the luxury goods sector.

Speaking fluently four languages, State Diploma and qualified dance teacher as well as Certified Professional Trainer, Elizabeth was also trained as a Coach for Managers by BTC Partners.  She has followed advanced training in of Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Energy Psychology at the IFPEC.