Ariel Bamberger

Paule Boury-Giroud
Janik Blouin
Communication and Coaching Partner

Communication and Coaching Partner at Corporate Coaching & Conseil since 2016, Ariel guides business women and men in order to optimize their individual communication skills as well as their professional relationship. The quality of her listening and her ability in questioning take them one step further into highlighting their thoughts and their prospects for action.

Building on martial arts and Taoism, Ariel mobilizes and boosts personal energies accelerating collective motions during her conduct of seminars and workshops.

In addition, Ariel operates in the training sector at ADEMA (Association for NPO Management) in partnership with Ecole des Mines ParisTech. She started her career in Advertising agencies, then in the pharmaceutical industry before creating her own agency Adequat International, specialized in associative life communication.