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Corporate Coaching & Conseil

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« Being a leader today entails a combination of performance and benevolence, demand and freedom, respect for others and self-awareness »

Paule Boury-Giroud
Founder & Manager of Corporate Coaching & Conseil

Icône Fondamentaux



Optimize one’s performance by accepting contradictions and feelings (reactions).


Create new opportunities by developing self-knowledge.


Encourage the client to follow their intuitive insights.


Facilitate the decision-making processes by cultivating confidence and wellbeing.


Base the development of the project by identifying the unique and original qualities of the client.

Icône Méthodologies d'accompagnement

Personal guidance methodology

Individual coaching

Construct each session in the moment by being attentive to the intuitions of the client in a unique situation.
Elaborate ambitious objectives by opening broad fields of possible scenarios.
Define the criteria for the success of the client’s expectations.
Build the bridges between the pragmatic and the elusive.
Align performance with authenticity.
Close the session with action plans created through the dynamics of the coaching.

Collective coaching

Identify with the Manager the key challenges in a global business context: strategic, relational, political, human, ethical…
Animation of creative workshops

  • Establish the vision, values and each individual’s respective roles.
  • Develop tailor-make actions focused on essential needs.
  • Develop the cohesion and consistency of the managing team.

Build on the individual’s exchanges during the collective sessions to establish and plan long-term transformations.

Icône Engagements & Valeurs

Commitments& Values

Establish self-knowledge as an essential asset.
Encourage power, daring and originality.
Go beyond what appears to be difficulties or success.
Combine benevolence and essential requirements.
Consultations are totally private and confidential.

Icône Formation

Specific Offers

Inspired by a variety of different perspectives, Corporate Coaching & Conseil has crafted various personal guidance programs dedicated to leadership enhancement for business leaders and the practice of coaching.

Icône Partenaires


Experience and expertise, demand and complementarity, difference and audacity, creativity and happiness are some of the qualities of the partner-coaches at CORPORATE COACHING & CONSEIL.

Icône Réussir un coaching

Coaching Successfully

A relationship based on collaboration and synergy: The client co-creates the process.
The Coaching process is based on a trusting and nourishing relationship developed session by session.
Coaching services are based on a custom contract established in relation to the client’s expectations and situation.
The Personal Coaching process is structured around six to ten sessions – every three or four weeks – each session lasting two to three hours.
Sessions take place at Corporate Coaching & Conseil Offices, or in a location defined with the client, or through Skype, FaceTime or by other means.

Icône Contact


Ariel Bamberger +33 (0)6 08 18 37 97
Janik Blouin +33 (0)6 74 89 71 16
Paule Boury-Giroud +33 (0)6 87 70 98 79
Elizabeth Perrot +33 (0)6 14 39 34 49
Laurence Turnbull +33 (0)6 09 48 04 80

22, rue Saint Augustin 75002 Paris

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